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Something about me


My name is Merjo. I was born in Tampere Finland in 1975. I have been studying for a big part of my life, but I've also managed to get versatile and quite a long working experience.

I graduated as a Ph.D. in December 2016 from the University of Helsinki, Department of Environmental Sciences, Lahti section. Officially my thesis is environmental scientific, but I could just as well call it soil scientific. It deals both with peat soils and agricultural soils, and both soil carbon and nitrogen. The title of my thesis is "Dynamics of soil carbon and nitrogen in changing boreal environments" (Behind the link: text "Lataa tiedosto" -> access to the whole text). In addition to soil and environmental studies, I studied some university pedagogy during my years in Lahti.

My master's thesis was dealing with a plant disease of pine seedlings. I graduated as a Master of Science from the University of Oulu, department of biology. My major was plant ecology. In addition, I studied other fields of biology, environmental research, statistics and chemistry. The environmental research was a multidiscilpinary study module.

When I was 16 years old, I started in a vocational school and graduated after a few years as a pastry chef. After working some years I decided that I want to go to a high school anyway. That was the beginning of my way to become a Doctor of Philosophy.

I have been working in a university and in a research institute in front of a computer, laboratory tables and literally "in the middle of nowhere" in forests and peatlands and also in agricultural fields. I have also teached at the university. My other tasks include for example bakery work and working in hospitals as a cleaner in an emergency room and in childrens polyclinic. I also have some experience for teaching school kids.

All work has thought me something about life. I find it as a richness that I’ve had different types of tasks and positions in working life. I believe there are always things in working tasks that one can’t see well before doing the job oneself. This goes for both positive and negative sides. I’d say a versatile experience would be beneficial for example in a foreman position.

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